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Bona Fide Bankruptcy Attorneys believe in respecting our clients’ unique needs and providing them with personal customer service.  

During your free, confidential consultation, your attorney will answer your questions and help you explore ALL of the legal options to protect your assets and reduce your debts.       

Our attorneys have over 65 years of combined legal experience, including handling creditor harassment; negotiating debt settlements, evictions, commercial lockouts, foreclosures, repossessions, and wage garnishment; filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies; and handling bankruptcy litigation from filing the petition, meetings of creditors, objections by creditors, modifications, reaffirmation agreements, and debtors discharges.

Let us show you the way for a financial fresh start.

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With a combined 65 years of legal experience and numerous 5-star reviews, Bona Fide Bankruptcy has the experience and expertise you need.

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There is no charge to discuss your case, receive information, and decide your financial strategy.

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When bankruptcy is the best option, you can get relief from crushing debt and unfortunate circumstances.



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